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Tina Bojanowski

Advisory Member

Tina has brought the full depth of her education and life experience to her job as State Representative. With Tina’s PhD in Education and Social Change; a Master of Arts in Teaching; a Master of Business Administration; and a Bachelor of Science in Management.

Tina, a proud Mom of three children, including Brandon, who was diagnosed with autism at age two, has a chance to work for all of our children. Tina’s experience shaped her belief that the government and private sector must work together to ensure that everyone can access affordable health care.

Tina’s 29 years as a manager and head coach with Kentucky Gymnastics Academy, preparing hundreds of young athletes to develop the physical skills and winning attitude that earned trophies in the gym and success in the classroom and the workforce has given her a foundational understand of what our children need to be successful.

Tina is a certified special education teacher who works with students who have learning and behavioral disorders such as autism. A fierce advocate for her students and their families, she ensures parents have the information and resources they need to raise their kids. She has served on the Board of Directors of the Jefferson County Teachers Association as well as on the Board of the National Alliance for Mental Illness Kentucky. Her passion for advocacy has extended from the classroom into the community.

As a KY state representative, Tina introduced HB 432, an act removing the taxation of breast pumps and supplies as well as HB 433, an act establishing the Kentucky Child Mental Health Services Access Program.She was the primary co-sponsor on bipartisan legislation that allowed Medicaid coverage for individuals under 65 to be claimed as a service as well as legislation to ban corporal punishment in public schools. She was also the primary-cosponsor for the Read to Succeed bill which in part will provide professional learning for elementary school teachers in how to teach reading. Tina co-sponsored legislation to prohibit discrimination based on LGBTQ orientation and to repeal the law making sodomy a crime.

Tina Bojanowski
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